A simplistic DIY shore rack from pallet wood.








Sanded runner

^001. Pallet wood cut to size & sanded

The FOUR legs

^002. The FOUR legs, roughly sanded to retain the natural look.




The cross members (NOT POLISHED)

^003. The cross members 11″




The cross members




^004. The cross member – polished.

Sanding the legs

^005. Side profiling of legs in progress. Since I live in an apartment, balcony is my workshop space for dusty work.



The frame work in progress

^006. Frame work



The completd but NOT yet polished shoe stand

^007. The temporary setup with TOP


The table top

^008. The TOP is 33″ x 12″





"Test" run ;-)

^009. The frame finally NAILED



Polished and with rear stoppers

^010. The polished frame with back runners for preventing wall damage from soiled shoes



Standing Tall


^011. Standing Tall  🙂