Airport on the wall

DIY + Hobby

Model aircrafts who lost their stands
^001. I had some model aircrafts lying around which over the time had lost their stands and would bump all over my shelves. So I hit upon this idea to put them on my wall.

^002. The inverted model to show the holes that were used to fix them to the board. The holes were already available on the base of models, earlier used to fix them to their stands.

The TOY chopper
^003. The board was a scrap piece of plywood, painted & stencilled by my 4 year old neighbour. So there you have a board in her favorite color instead of black chalk paint that I wanted. The beautiful ‘H’ interestingly stands for her name rather than being a symbol for Helipad. 🙂

The holes for tooth picks
^004. The holes in the board. One can see “CLEAN UP” job of my little neighbour on the ‘H’

Tooth picks for fixing aircraft models
^005. The toothpicks inserted into the plywood base.

This is how the toothpicks were fitted
^006. The top end of toothpicks were inserted into the holes at the base of aircraft models.
This particular model was fitted to the holes, seen on top right hand corner of the board.

All aircrafts in place. My 4 year old neighbour heped in making the 'H' for herlicopter
^007. The ready airport. The 6″ scale on left is to give an idea about its actual size.

Airport on the wall
^008. Airport on the wall

Airport on the wall
^009. Airport on the wall. The chopper was fitted using pin holes and passing metal wire through them.


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